Merchant Cash Advance

New businesses often find it difficult to get a traditional loan, because they don’t have the track record to have the credit score necessary. Or your business may have gone through a rough time, and you lost a high credit rating. 2 Good Capital wants to provide your organization with the funding solutions that fit your needs. A merchant cash advance offers you the opportunity to get working capital without pledging collateral or taking out a loan against your business. Learn more about this process to see how your business would benefit.

How It Works

With a merchant cash advance, you are given working capital in exchange for a percentage of future credit card receipts. You may have strong sales on a regular basis, but don’t qualify for a traditional loan. A merchant cash advance lets you tap into your resources without having to go through the loan process. Once you get your funding, you pay back the advance through your credit card sales. The payment is based on sales, not a set monthly fee. This lets you pay it back as quickly or slowly as you need.

Benefits of a Cash Advance

  • No collateral is at stake
  • Not risking your credit
  • Quick cash access
  • Easy application
  • Easy payback
  • Revenue-based collection
  • High approval rate

Give your business the chance to grow by finding the funding that works for your needs.