Purchase Order Financing

When you have a cash flow problem but have multiple purchase orders that need to be fulfilled, you may find it difficult to find financing for that burst of working capital that helps you get inventory to your customers on time. A traditional bank loan takes a lot of time to process. 2 Good Capital offers a solution known as purchase order financing.

With this type of funding, your business receives money based on the purchase orders. You can pay your suppliers quickly to get the inventory you need to fulfill the order. Then when the customer pays the purchase order, the loan is paid off with the remaining amount returned to you. With this financing opportunity, it isn’t based on your personal credit score or that of your business.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

  • Grow without selling equity
  • Always have timely deliveries to your customers
  • Increase your market share
  • Fulfill larger orders
  • Improve profits through growth
  • Earn customer trust

Working Capital Solutions

We want to partner with your business to help you grow and expand when you have the opportunity. Take advantage of the financing we offer without giving up valuable equity or pledging collateral. Talk to one of our qualified professionals and learn more about purchase order financing. Whether you are a start-up or just have poor cash flow, there are ways to give your business a shot in the arm.