Referrals and Brokers

As a broker, you are welcome to submit your transaction with 2 Good Capital and preview it to see what we have to offer your clients. We pay top dollar commissions and referral fees on deals that you bring to us. You can count on us to maintain your professional image. Your client remains your client, no matter how closely they work with us. After the transaction, if they return to us for financing, we send them back to you maintaining your relationship. We invite you to join our referral and broker program to enhance your prospects.

How the Program Works

When you have a transaction, you submit the information to us. When dealing with project funding or larger transactions, we will want to work with the client, but we always remember that your client is your client. The deal is yours, no matter how involved we get. You have access to our resources while earning your commission or referral fees. We want to partner with you to get the best deal for your client.

Bring your deals to us to see how we can benefit you and your clients. With our quick turnaround time, it makes you look good. We offer many different lending programs and have a talented team of professionals to stand behind you. If your employer does not have the capabilities to fund your clients, then you need to talk to us.

Benefits of Our Program

  • Nationally recognized company
  • Vast lending resources
  • Quick turnaround time on financing
  • Assistance with the lending process
  • Higher commissions
  • Work from anywhere
  • Professional tools and image

We are always seeking hard-working brokers who have the experience and motivation to broaden their career by partnering with us. Through Internet capacity, you can work from anywhere and have our tools and resources behind you. Our goals are to get your clients funded and earn you money. Get more information about our referral and broker program, then schedule your interview with us today.